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Carniway.NYC is a website dedicated to the science and history of the carnivorous way of eating - where people accept that eating plants is optional and... possibly problematic.

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  👋 Hey there! I'm

Travis Statham

I've been living the CarniWay life since 2017, but have been living a low carb lifestyle since reading Gary Taubes in 2012. I live in Brooklyn, NY and I'm a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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About this site

Explore the resources and learn the history and science behind the Carnivore Diet / zerocarb / low carb / ketogenic / no plants diet -  CarniWay, a way of life. This primarily meat-based way of eating is built around nutrient dense animal products high in saturated fat, cholesterol, and bioavailable amino acids. I hope to help you gain confidence that adopting a CarniWay life can be a healthy long-term lifestyle. Get a membership so you can read and share content that stands out as important to you! 

I am also available for consultations to go over information. I want to hear about your journey and your current diet and lifestyle so we can figure out how to adapt it for long term success on a meat-based diet. I know of all the people you need to know about, all the books, all the podcasts, all the key information, but I also know of all the variations within the CarniWay. I've talked to key veterans within the space who are experts in doing carnivorous diets for long lengths of time. I want to help expose the dozens of doctors who support the CarniWay and the scientific research and anecdotes that influenced their decision to adopt the CarniWay themselves.

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