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Carniway.NYC is a website dedicated to the science and history of the carnivorous way of eating - where people accept that eating plants is optional and... possibly problematic.

I want to teach you how to start a fully carnivorous diet and provide you with the best resources, knowledge, and tips.

I also provide consultations through webcam or in person in New York City (within reason) - Click 'Book a Consultation' to see when I'm available.

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I have spent years living the CarniWay - A Carnivorous Way of Eating - where I've been learning the science that supports the idea, the success stories of people who trie...
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Welcome to CarniWay.NYC - The Carnivorous Way of Eating

This website has been built to provide you the resources to discover and learn the history and science behind the Carnivore Diet / zerocarb / low carb / ketogenic / no plants diet - what I am collectively calling the CarniWay. CarniWay is a primarily meat-based way of eating built around nutrient dense animal products high in saturated fat, cholesterol, and bioavailable amino acids. Use this website to gain confidence that adopting a CarniWay can be a healthy long-term eating plan. Join the membership and read and share content that stands out as important to you! 

I am also available for consultations to go over information on the CarniWay. I want to hear about your journey and your current diet and lifestyle so we can figure out how to adapt it for long term success on a meat-only/meat-based diet. I know of all the people you need to know about, all the books, all the podcasts, all the key information, but I also know of all the variations within the CarniWay. I've talked to key veterans within the space who are experts in doing carnivorous diets for long lengths of time. I want to help expose the dozens of doctors who support the CarniWay and the scientific research and anecdotes that influenced their decision to adopt the CarniWay themselves.

Other names or variants of CarniWay of Eating:

* Carnivore Diet 

* Zerocarb

* Ketogenic Diet

* No Plants GAPS Diet

* Animal Foods Diet

* Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet

* Facultative Carnivore Diet

* Hypercarnivore Diet

* Fiberfree or Low Fiber or Low Residue Diet

* The Drinking Man's Diet

* Atkins Diet (Induction Phase)

* Pennington Diet

* Banting Diet

* Nose To Tail

I will be going over the differences of these in future blog posts.

What is a facultative carnivore?

A facultative carnivore(FC) is an animal who thrives eating it's natural diet of meat - this means that the animal is technically an omnivore who can eat both plants and flesh, however, the animal is able to find optimal health through eating as much meat as possible. It's well accepted that homo sapiens are omnivores, but whether we should be thought of as obligate carnivores (OC) because we require Vitamin B12 , omega 3 and omega 6 animal fats or facultative carnivores seems open to interpretation. The common belief seems to be that humans are facultative omnivores - in that we do best with both animal products and plant products, but this is nonsensical because facultative implies one or the other, not both. This website will attempt to answer whether humans are FC or OC, or whether a Mixed Diet is actually superior.


I have been on a full-throttle research experience for the past several years. I became convinced that living a ketogenic lifestyle for life is optimal when I picked up The Case Against Sugar and then I found the budding carnivore movement while moderating Reddit's ketoscience subreddit.


I've read a wide range of books relating to human nutrition and carnivore and ketogenic diets and I'm trying to understand all the books relevant for members of the CarniWay. I've listened to hundreds of podcast episodes with all the leaders in the nutrition field. I've watched hundreds of YouTube videos. Because I value content of multiple types - I've tried to pool the BEST content relating to each topic and collect it together in a way that makes it easy for you to geek out about a topic and learn as much as you want about it. No one page will ever be enough to combat the most deeply seeded beliefs, but I hope to at least show that the conversation has been happening for a long time and involves many brilliant people, and sometimes you just need to be exposed to the same idea from several different people before really understanding it. 

Travis Statham

I've been living the CarniWay for 2 years, but have been living a low carb lifestyle since reading Gary Taubes in 2012. I live in Brooklyn, NY and I'm a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


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