Foods containing anti-nutrient:
Beans, manioc, and many fruit pits (such as apricot kernels and apple seeds).
Cooking and phase II liver detox.

Cerebral damage and lethargy.

Cyanogenic glycosides: Some legumes like linseed, lima bean, kidney bean and the red gram contain cyanogenic glycosides from which Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) may be released by hydrolysis. Some cultivars Phaseolus lunatus (lima bean) contain a cyanogenic glycoside called phaseolutanin from which HCN liberated due to enzyme action, especially when tissues are broken down by grinding or chewing or under damp conditions (Purseglove, 1991). Hydrolysis occurs rapidly when the ground meal is cooked in water and most the liberated HCN is lost by volatilization. HCN is very toxic at low concentration to animals. HCN can cause dysfunction of the central nervous system, respiratory failure and cardiac arrest (D’Mello, 2000).

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