Chlorogenic acid (caffeic acid)


Apricot, cherry, peach, plum, coffee (roasted beans)

How to Neutralize:

Negative Effects:

Chlorogenic acid: Sunflower meal contains high levels of chlorogenic acid, a tannin like compound that inhibits activity of digestive enzymes including trypsin, chymotrypsin, amylase and lipase (Cheeke and Shull, 1985). Because chlorogenic acid is uncondensed and non-hydrolyzable, its content of 1% or more of a total of 3-3.5% phenolic compounds in sunflower meal is not reported in tannin assays. Chlorogenic acid is also a precursor of ortho-quinones that occur through the action of the plant enzyme polyphenol oxidase. These compounds then react with the polymerize lysine during processing or in the gut. Although the toxic effects of chlorogenic acid can be counteracted by dietary supplementation with methyl donors such as choline and methionine. Chlorogenic acid is reported to be readily removed from sunflower seeds using aqueous extraction methods (Dominguez et al., 1993)

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