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Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Dr. Bruce Ferguson Donaldson (1893-1966) was a specialist in internal medicine and author.
Born the son of a postmaster, William W. Donaldson, and Helen I. Donaldson (née Scott), he was a native and lifelong resident of Hauppauge, New York on Long Island.
He married Harriott Cate in 1922 and together they had six children.
He died on February 19, 1966 at his home in Hauppauge aged 73.

“It isn’t normal to live on milk and cream and cheese and ice cream and eggs and chocolate and wheat flour and alcohol. No! Man is a hunter. Most of the wheat flour should be fed to the animals. Let them go through the arduous labor of converting fodder into meat fat. And then eat the animal. That is the smart thing to do.”

“A sterol called cholesterol is supposed to be guilty of making us grow old before our time. But there is no proof of this.”

“People practically always steal food when they are hungry, and low-calorie diets mean weakness and hunger... No! Counting calories is for the birds. There should be no sensation of hunger in proper weight reduction.”
Dr. Blake F. Donaldson, Strong Medicine

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