Good Fat is Good for Women: Menopause

January 23, 2019
Good Fat is Good for Women: Menopause

Menopause. Why do we go through it? How can we enjoy this time of life?There is a plethora of confusing and misleading information out there about menopause: what to take, what to eat. Women may begin to wonder: is there something wrong with our bodies? And if menopause is natural, why do doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and the media recommend so much medication to treat menopausal symptoms?The last sixty years of dietary advice, warning women to avoid fat, have actually worsened women’s health. If you’re approaching menopause, in menopause, or are interested in improving your health naturally, here is a book that explains the history of menopause, the evolutionary benefits of this life event, and how to eat the right foods to help you enjoy what should be the longest and most fulfilling part of your life.This book is the first of a three-book series that shows how important eating good fat is for a woman’s health at every stage of her life.

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