How to Starve Cancer: Without Starving Yourself

September 26, 2018
How to Starve Cancer: Without Starving Yourself

After being given a terminal diagnosis with only a few weeks to live, Jane threw herself into research. Already medically knowledgeable as a Chartered Physiotherapist, Jane dug up research, some decades old, in her quest to survive. Rather than aiming to cure cancer, which in many cases is unachievable, Jane's approach was to stop it growing. Remarkably her approach not only stopped it growing, it disappeared altogether. There are now clinics following her protocol, achieving remarkable successes. This book is a game-changing new dawn in the treatment of cancer.

Not just a page-turning inspirational read, Jane's remarkable life story is how she discovered a unique cocktail of off label drugs (drugs usually prescribed for other conditions) and supplements that effectively starve the cancer stem cell, the cell left behind by conventional treatment and why cancer is deemed incurable. Treatment for the stem cell is hailed as the Holy Grail, so this book plugs the missing piece into why we do not have a cure for cancer. Lead cancer researchers at top oncology centers are now using this book to investigate these cheap low toxicity drugs (Pharma has no interest) and Jane has a huge following of thousands on Facebook who use her 'Metro Map'. Testimonials abound from happy and delighted patients and National press, TV and radio have already covered Jane's ground-breaking research.

A monumental accomplishment. A strategy for surviving advanced cancer regardless of the tissue involved. Jane has done a great service to mankind!

Professor Thomas Seyfried, leading ocology researcher, author of Cancer As a Metabolic Disease

--Thomas Seyfried, Author

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