Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada

First Contact:


gather% / fish % / hunt %
fat % / protein % / carb%

A rough estimate to help us understand how carnivorous and how ketogenic these people were before being exposed to western civilization


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About the Tribe

For the Haida of the Queen Charlotte islands we have a statement by an early observer, Poole, quoted by Niblack, who writes :Some of these berries are collected and dried for winter's use, forming, with dried fish, the principal winter's supply. Poole, ( 1863) says of the Haida, that they often, through feasting or improvidence, eat up all the dried berries before spring, and "were it not for a few bulbs which they dig out of the soil in the early Spring-time, while awaiting the halibut season, numbers of Indians really would starve to death" (Niblack, 1890, pp. 276-77).

Importance of Animal Products

Importance of Plants

Transition to Industrialized Food Products

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