Human stomach acid is 1 - 2 pH, which is as acidic as other carnivorous animals.

Highly Acidic Stomach Acid




We do not currently know the exact stomach pH of fasted great apes such as chimpanzees or bonobos. 

If we were to measure the stomach pH - we'd expect to see more herbivorous values - perhaps 3-5 pH if not higher (less acidic). 

We might expect to see less efficient processing of large quantities of meat because the chimpanzee stomach is not able to make highly acidic acid.

We might expect the stomach acid to adapt over time to a meat diet - maybe it will get stronger.

We know humans get weaker stomach acid over time - but perhaps this is a function of eating high carb diets for a long time - does stomach acid get stronger after being on a carnivorous diet? 

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