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White man's food starts to be eaten in 1913

January 1, 1913


Dawn in Arctic Alaska


In a general way it is known that all natives along this coast were eating some white man's food at most of their meals after 1913; see, for instance, the descriptions of typical meals by Dr. Diamond Jenness in his Dawn in Arctic Alaska (University of Minnesota Press, 1957). The book was compiled from the notes Dr. Jenness kept while he was anthropologist of our third expedition, the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-18. See also my own writings about the coast east of Point Barrow for the years 1906-14. (In view of the idea of some, that the application of extreme heat to food is carcinogenic, it might be noted that a chief European food item around 1910-30 was fried bread — doughnuts, crullers — cooked in exceedingly hot seal oil).