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Dr Cantani's eighth patient, Mr Filoteo V. De Furci, develops diabetes from "a diet almost exclusively starchy" and thereafter "he made a very rigorous cure of 53 days, eating a kilogram of meat a day" curing his diabetes and his rheumatism.

October 8, 1872


Diabetes mellitus and its dietetic treatment.

Type 2 Diabetes
Carnivore Diet

OBSERVATION VIII. Mr. Filoteo V. de Furci (Chieti), 51 years old. He discovered diabetes in April 1871, after a period of indefinite discomfort: a diet almost exclusively starchy. He came to Naples, where, on October 4, Primavera found 60 gr. of sugar per liter of urine, and about 4 liters of urine per day. He was as thin as possible, very weak, impotent, suffering from thirst and hunger. He made a very rigorous cure of 53 days, eating a kilogram of meat a day: then gradually returned, following the rules laid down, to mixed food. On October 8, 1872, he returned to Naples, and the definitive disappearance of glycosuria was noted; MV was stronger than before being diabetic, and free from rheumatism to which he was prone in the past. Here is a patient to whom lactic acid did not give rheumatism, as Foster fears. In September 1874, the healing was maintained complete.