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The Catholic missionary, Buliard, predicts that part-time residential schools should be provided by the government to get education without losing the learning of how to survive in the North.

January 1, 1951



Roger Buliard


The government is establishing schools in some of the settlements, but, unfortunately, only a small proportion of the Eskimo population lives around the settlements, so these educational facilities are limited in scope. Part-time residential schools should be provided, operating during the good season, so that Eskimo children could be taken out, taught, and returned to their people, thus getting the benefits of education without losing the skills they need to live in the Arctic, as do many Eskimo children nowadays who are taken out to residential schools for several years at a time. When they return North they no longer know how to live. They are neither Eskimos nor white men. Government aircraft, which are flying numberless practice missions over the Arctic anyway, could take the children in and out.