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The cost of flour and sugar were much higher in the remote areas of the Arctic meaning that people were protected from the harmful high carb diet, however, this didn't last.

April 8, 1926


The Land of Feast and Famine

Helge Ingstad

With our lean purses we visit the trading post to lay in further provisions, but the money we have is like a drop in the bucket down here in the north, where prices are out of all proportion. A hundred-pound bag of flour costs fifteen dollars, a box of ammunition three dollars. In civilization these prices average about four dollars and a dollar thirty respectively. It is even worse at the remoter outposts, where a hundred pounds of flour sometimes cost as much as thirty dollars, and a similar amount of sugar fifty dollars. One can readily imagine, thus, how many white-fox pelts a hunter would have to secure merely to cover his original outlay.