Historical Events

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Lilly Pharmaceutical Company works with Banting and Best to create ILETIN, the world's first available insulin product.

January 1, 1923


Milestones in the history of diabetes mellitus: The main contributors

Type 2 Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes

The pioneering work of Banting and Best saved millions of lives and diabetics started to live a normal life. Lilly Pharmaceutical Company collaborated with the two scientists and in 1923 introduced Iletin, the world’s first commercially available insulin product[13].

However in 1923 the Nobel Committee decided to award Banting and MacLeod for insulin’s discovery. Banting became furious as he believed that he should share the prize with Best instead of MacLeod and he decided to share with Best his cash award. In his turn, MacLeod shared also his award with Collip[13].