Historical Events

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George Mann hosted a small meeting of researchers with alternative views.

January 1, 1991


Heart Disease
Diet-Heart Hypothesis

The AHA and NHLBI together also administered the vast majority of grants for all cardiovascular research. By the mid-1990s, the NHLBI’s annual budget had reached $1.5 billion, with most of those funds going to heart disease research; the AHA, meanwhile, was devoting about $100 million a year toward original research. These two pots of money dominated the field. The NIH or AHA financed virtually all the American-led studies we will discuss in this book. The only other significant source of research funding came from the food and drug industries, which researchers tried to avoid for the obvious reason of avoiding any conflict of interest or even the appearance of one. As George Mann wrote in 1991, when he hosted a small meeting of researchers with alternative views, “This was a daunting task, because we cannot obtain federal funding, and we must not accept food industry funding lest we be seen as speaking for a vested interest.”

- Nina Teicholz - Page 70