Historical Events

Nutrition Foundation, a Big Food organization was more powerful than the meat/dairy/eggs industry.

The reality was that, for all their obvious self-interest, the egg, meat, and dairy groups were hardly the most hard-core lobbies among the food interests. The real heavyweights were the big food manufacturers, such as General Foods, Quaker Oats, Heinz, the National Biscuit Company, and the Corn Products Refining Corporation. In 1941 these companies had set up the Nutrition Foundation, a group that worked to influence opinion with far more subtle techniques than striding through senators’ offices. The foundation steered the course of science at its very source by developing relationships with academic researchers, funding important scientific conferences, and funneling many millions of dollars directly into research (even before the NIH began funding nutrition research). The foundation, along with food companies working individually, was therefore able to influence scientific opinion as it was being formed.III

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