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Dr Prentice writes that Africans eat lots of meat and yet have no cancer.

January 1, 1923


Carnivore Diet

"In Africa and Asia, explorers, colonialists, and missionaries in the early twentieth century were repeatedly struck by the absence of degenerative disease among isolated populations they encountered. The British Medical Journal routinely carried repors from colonial physicians who, though experienced in diagnosing cancer at home, could find very little of it in the African colonies overseas. So few cases could be identified that "some seem to assume that it does not exist," wrote George Prentice, a physician who worked in Southern Central Africa, in 1923. Yet if there were a "relative immunity to cancer" it could not be attributed to the lack of meat in the diet, he wrote:

"The negroes, when they can get it, eat far more meat than the white people. There is no limit to the variety or the condition, and some might wonder whether there is a limit to the quantity. They are only vegetarians when there is nothing else to be had....Anything from a fieldmouse to an elephant is welcomed."

Nina Teicholz - The Big Fat Surprise - Page 16