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The invention of insulin means that doctors can allow type 1 diabetics to eat more carbohydrates, apparently because it greatly increased their well-being because a low carb diet is apparently miserable. Dr Rabinowitch was prescribing diets with as much as 400 grams of carbohydrates!

January 1, 1935


Diet, delusion and diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes

"The benefit was dramatic, next only to insulin in the minds of its recipients, for it combined greatly increased well-being with escape from the miseries of an endless low carbohydrate diet.

The carbohydrate component soon escalated, and a typical diet prescribed by the Canadian physician Israel Rabinowitch in the mid-1930s might contain 2,230 calories, 400 g of carbohydrate, 50 g of fat and 70 g of protein, with 67% of energy derived from carbohydrate [20]."

Meanwhile, in the interest of showing both sides, a vegan site says this is a good thing:


In a seminal paper published in 1935 2 , Dr Rabinowitch demonstrated that simple dietary changes (increasing the ratio of complex carbohydrates while reducing calorie intake) could reverse type 2 diabetes.

In his summary he states:

I believe that in the data presented here there is incontrovertible evidence that the high carbohydrate-low calorie diet is more effective in controlling diabetes than all other methods of treatment hitherto reported…it is, therefore, more economical from the point of view of the cost of insulin…