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Captain Ralfe discovers that a diet of only meat devoid of vegetables still prevents scurvy.

August 28, 1882



Carnivore Diet

"Sir, I was struck by two independent observations which occurred in your columns last week in regard to the etiology of scurvy, both tending to controvert the generally received opinion that the exclusive cause of the disease is the.........

prolonged and complete withdrawal of succelent vegetatables from the dietary of those affected. 

Thus Mr. Neale, of the Eira Arctic Expedition, says: "I do not think that spirit or limejuiceis of much use as an antiscorbutic ; for if you live on the flesh of the country, even, I believe, without vegetables, you will run very little risk of scurvy."

Dr. Lucas writes: "In the case of the semi- savage hill tribes of Afghanistan and Beluchistan their food contains a large amount of meat, and is altogether devoid of vegetables. The singular immunity from scurvy of these races has struck me as a remarkable physiological circumstance, which should make us pause before accepting the vegetable doctrine in relation to scurvy." These observations do not stand alone. Arctic voyagers have long pointed out the antiscorbutic properties of fresh meat, and Baron Larrey, with regard to hot climates, arrived at the same conclusion in the Egyptian expedition under Bonaparte, at the end of last century."