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Gas-liquid chromatography is invented, making it possible to separate fatty acids.

January 1, 1952


USA History

"In previous years, the focus of heart disease research had been on proteins and carbohydrates, but an explosion of new methods for separating out fatty acids, especially a 1952 invention called gas-liquid chromatography, made it possible to test different kinds of fats(also called lipids) and their effect on human biology. The "sleepy old field of lipid research suddenly took off for the moon," wrote E.H. "Pete" Ahrens of Rockefeller University in Newy York City, who was one of the leading lipidologists of his day. A swarm of researchers hit the field; funds for research swelled each year, and, as Ahrens described it, "lipid research hit the Big Time."

-Nina Teicholz - Big Fat Surprise - 24