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Vilhjalmur Stefansson appears on a television interview to talk about his balanced all meat diet of protein and fat.

January 2, 1957


Rare Footage of Vihljalmur Stefansson the Arctic Explorer.

Vilhjalmur Stefansson

Facultative Carnivore
USA History
Carnivore Diet

Question: "Let's get to the fod. You must have longed for a green vegetable once"

VS: "I had to become a guest of the Eskimos and for four and a half months, I lived on literally nothing but fish and water, well, we had some blubber, some polar bear blubber, but apart from that, and at the end of four and a half months I was healthier than I ever been before. I'm enjoying every meal and feeling fine.

And this is on an exclusive meat diet? 

Exclusive fish in this case. I have since then spent more than six aggregated years on red meat. That is seal meat, caribou meat, musk-ox meat, polar bear, grizzly bear and so on. You have to have fat with the lean, as lean and fat together make a perfect and balanced diet. You have everything you need if you have lean and fat. You don't need to eat organs. That's a curious folklore. People don't eat the organs except in emergencies.