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Tomcod, a fish, is too lean compared to other meats, with modern measurements showing about 1% fat content. Stefansson preferred any other animal due to higher fat content.

March 14, 1910


My Life with the Eskimo

Vilhjalmur Stefansson

Man The Fat Hunter
Carnivore Diet

It was March 14th that Dr. Anderson left for the west, accompanying Memoranna. We who remained behind at Okat kept on fishing for a day or two after that in the same routine way; and then it occurred to me that it was worth while to look for caribou to the east, for while tomcod are excellent eating when there is nothing else to be had, they are not quite so good as the next poorest kind of thing when there is any choice. Following their natural bent, my companions considered such a thing as looking for caribou here ridiculous, for they had never heard any one say that caribou had ever been seen in this neighborhood.