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Dr. L. A. White practiced in Alaska and rarely found hypertensive, arteriosclerotic, diabetes, cancer, strokes, or coronary heart disease among the natives between 1934-1948.

January 1, 1934


Dr. L. A. White Letter

Heart Disease
Type 2 Diabetes

Dr. L. A. White of 642 Eugene Medical Center, Eugene, Oregon, wrote me on February 21, 1958:

“... It has been almost 17 years since I practiced in Alaska. I was at Unalaska [Aleutian Islands] 1934-48, having previously spent 17 months at Metlakatla [Alaska Panhandle], then several months in '39 at Klawock [Panhandle]; finally one and a half years at Bethel [Lower Kuskokwim]. My work led me to these conclusions: (1) hypertensive and arteriosclerotic diseases were practically nonexistent among the native peoples; (2) diabetes was extremely rare; (3) malignant disease was extremely rare — in fact, I had only one proven case (Bethel, 1940). I saw no strokes nor coronary heart disease ...”